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Getting To Know Your Sensa Ingredients

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Sensa Ingredients

What Sensa Has To Help You Lose Weight: Getting To Know Sensa Ingredients

You probably want to know what are the ingredients behind the success of Sensa or commonly known as the “The Sprinkle Diet” well, you will be surprised to know that it’s nothing more than what your usual meals or favorite foods contain. Let us check these ingredients individually:
  1. Maltodextrin is made up of easily digestible carbohydrates usually made from natural corn starch. This is a food additive more commonly used to produce candies and sodas. This is easily digested and absorbed.
  2. Silica. This is a common food additive and s used as a flow agent in powered foods.
  3. Tricalcium Phosphate. This is used as a caking agent in powdered spices. Calcium phosphate forms are used as nutritional supplements.
  4. FD&C Yellow 5 or also known as Tartrazine. Mainly used as a food coloring.
  5. Soy and Milk ingredients.
  6. Carmine is used as an additive to food products like yogurt and some juices. Also, this is used in the manufacture of cosmetics.
  7. Natural and Artificial flavors. Although these were not specified, some speculate that the product might contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) that in prolonged or massive use can cause several health problems. This information however is not refuted nor acknowledged by the manufacturer of Sensa.
All of these ingredients fall on the list of FDA’s GRAS list or foods and ingredients that are “Generally Recognized as Safe.” Basically, these are the contents of the food that we commonly take in daily, but when combined they can stimulate the smell and taste centers to send signals to the brain that it is already full. Tricking your mind into “false fullness” would result to eating less.

The Sensa program will run for 6 months, according to the manufacturer this is enough for anyone to lose about 30 pounds of unwanted weight. Different persons also react differently to the intake of Sensa. Some may gain weight after several weeks of taking the drug this is because the body is still adjusting to the changes. Other individuals may also get direct results after taking Sensa. How much your body can lose will also depend on how your body reacts to Sensa ingredients or to Sensa per se.

Sensa needs to be sprinkled every meal in order for it to work. This is best used in solid foods and will not alter the taste of your meals although some users have reported a little change in taste. This will work effectively when applied in solid foods, but will not work in liquids because of saturation. The shaker is composed of sweet and salty tastants. If you are about to eat sweet foods then sprinkle the sweet tastant, you can then use the salty tastant with other foods.

If you are one of those who have tried so hard for many years to lose extra weight, Sensa may work wonders for you. You may even avail of a free thirty-day trial to get the body that you have wanted for a long time without the struggle!